Actress | Singer | Writer | Activist 


To contest apathy with empathy and education.

To create or enrich communication + silence that is infectious with love, curiosity, integrity, and play.

To actively support the communities that have done this, are continuing to do this, and those who wish to do this.



I activate my mind through writing, and my degree in such from Santa Fe University of Art and Design. I was the editor-in-chief of our college literary magazine, Glyph, and even had a memoir published in the local area, What Are They, Then

I also create monthly storytelling salons and activism newsletters for the Collective Sex, a theatre company of which I am Asst. Artistic Director.


My heart is consistently stretched to its edges by the incredible training of The Shakespeare Forum. They provide education to underserved communities, teaching Shakespeare's text with the motto: Love is the strongest choice. Through their support and lessons, I have become a stronger performer for companies like Manhattan Shakespeare Project and The Humanist Project, and am beginning to facilitate trainings in Brooklyn.


My gut is my voice. Where my breath comes from, in the depths of my belly. 

I sing in subway stations, I sang cross-country in order to find friends and homes and farms to house myself. I now sing in wedding bands and in different languages like Greek and Armenian, like my mother did when I was young. For bookings, reach out here.




This storytelling salon was founded on the idea that these untouched stories about touchfilled with words we aren't meant to say and questions we weren't taught to ask our partners, are worth making accessible. It is the thing that we all have in common. And once we started talking about sex, it was never really just about sex. And for me, it was the place where head, heart, and gut, finally intersected. I found, in a cushy orange room in Williamsburg: writing, intersectionality, education, performance, support and receptiveness.

 "Like The Moth, but for sex?" "Hm. Sure." 

If you, or a school you know, would be interested in a workshop, storytelling salon, and/or performance coming to your campus or community, please don't hesitate to reach out to ludu@purehouse.org, or poppy@purehouse.org. 



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