Actress | Singer | Writer | Director


To contest apathy with empathy and education.

To create communication + silence that is infectious with love, curiosity, integrity, and play.

To actively support the communities that have done this, are continuing to do this, and those who wish to.


Sara Malinowski is an actress, writer, improviser, director and singer currently based in Brooklyn.

She has worked with various companies on devised works, clowning, soundpainting, Grotowski, Chekhov and Shakespeare: including Double Edge Theatre, The Humanist Project, Shakespeare Forum, Aquila Theatre, Wynn Handman Studio, Abingdon Theatre Company and Letter of Marque. She has trained with Shakespeare & Company, as well as the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. Sara has a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing from Santa Fe University.

She has been the recipient of a month-long artist residency with WIP, as well as Best Actress nominations from Helen Hayes Theatre Awards and Mahwah Shakespeare Festival. She has led numerous storytelling salons and reproductive rights seminars with the production company Collective Sex.

When not performing, she works for Amnesty International, and somewhere in there has a social life. 

Sara has an original acoustic album titled Home Before Dark, and a published novel in New Mexico titled What Are They, Then.

She would really love to work with you.



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