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"The real voyage of discovery consists, not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." (Marcel Proust)

In Othello(s), we seek to explore the way in which events are perceived by playing with the eyes through which we are seeing. In this production, the play of Othello is therefore performed four times, as seen through the lenses of the characters of, respectively, Roderigo, Desdemona, Iago and Emila and Othello. As we see a (perhaps familiar) world through changing eyes, a new understanding is gained of the dissonance felt when our experiences appear disconnected to the experiences of those around us. Thematically, this production reflects how a wide variety of perspectives are causing contemporary familial, political and emotional divides.

*Appearing courtesy of Actors Equity Association.

Playing through June 15th.

I adore this cast and this company. Telling this story in a new and inventive way feels active, curious, and helps me continually strive for a happy ending. All the elements of theatre that excite and compel me. Playing Emilia in Act One and Desdemona in Act Two, I’ve had the chance to explore these different women and the ways their world instructs their actions.

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A two-day celebration of spontaneously created performance in music, theatre, dance, and multimedia. Multiple acts every night followed by an open jam with performers from all over the world.
Each night will be completely different, with a conductor using a series of hand gestures to live compose each troupe.

This event is in its fifth year, and is put on by my improvisational and soundpainting troupe, Letter of Marque. My opening night is the same date, otherwise I would be there with them in this incredible evening of improvised work. Please attend and have your mind blown!



Currently in devising workshops for a clown’s take on “The Seagull.” Clowning in the style of Lecoq, and with training from Shakespeare & Company, The Humanist Project, and Carmen-Maria Mandley has taught me so much about the human scope of emotion, all in the exploration of our universal laugh.

Everything is at stake. And truly, exquisitely silly.

Stay tuned.


To contest apathy with empathy and education.

To create communication + silence that is infectious with love, curiosity, integrity, and play.

To actively support the communities that have done this, are continuing to do this, and those who wish to.


Sara Malinowski is an actress, writer, improviser, director and singer currently based in Brooklyn.

She has worked with various companies on devised works, clowning, soundpainting, Grotowski, Chekhov and Shakespeare: including Double Edge Theatre, The Humanist Project, Shakespeare Forum, Aquila Theatre, Wynn Handman Studio, Abingdon Theatre Company and Letter of Marque. She has trained with Shakespeare & Company, as well as the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. Sara has a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing from Santa Fe University.

She has been the recipient of a month-long artist residency with WIP, as well as Best Actress nominations from Helen Hayes Theatre Awards and Mahwah Shakespeare Festival. She has led numerous storytelling salons and reproductive rights seminars with the production company Collective Sex.

When not performing, she works for Amnesty International, and somewhere in there has a social life. 

Sara has an original acoustic album titled Home Before Dark, and a published novel in New Mexico titled What Are They, Then.

She would really love to work with you.



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